Who was Barnabas?

Saint Barnabas was one of the earliest Christian believers. The book of the Acts of the Apostles (Acts) refers to him as an apostle—a carrier of the good news of Christ Jesus. Barnabas was a Jew from Cyprus who was originally named Joseph, and possibly the cousin of Saint Mark the Evangelist. His name Barnabas, which was apparently given him by the other apostles, means Son of Encouragement. At some point Barnabas was sent to Antioch to be a teacher and prophet in the infant church there and this is where he met Saul (known to us as Saint Paul).

Saul and Barnabas were sent from Antioch to Cyprus on a missionary voyage going city to city in the eastern Mediterranean preaching the gospel and converting the Gentiles. Eventually, Paul and Barnabas separated and proceeded on separate missionary journeys. Tradition has it that Saint Barnabas was the author of the Letter to the Hebrews, found in the New Testament, and the Epistle of Barnabas, but there is no way the tradition can be verified. St. Barnabas was martyred in Cyprus around 61 A.D. He is considered the founder of the Cypriot Orthodox Church.

What should I expect on my first visit?

When you arrive for worship you will be warmly welcomed by an usher who will give you a service bulletin and help you find a place to sit. They will be wearing name tags, and be able to answer any questions you may have before and after the service.

Do I need to become a member of St. Barnabas to participate in worship and other activities?

You do not need to be a member to worship at St. Barnabas, nor to participate in other programs and activities. You will find you are welcome at everything. However, as you grow into our community we encourage you to think and pray about becoming a member. Watch the schedule for "What it means to be an Episcopalian" classes or speak with one of the clergy if you are interested in starting the member ship process right away. If you come from another Episcopal church we will be happy to arrange the transfer of your membership to our parish.

What are the worship services like? How do they differ?

Worship services at Saint Barnabas range from traditional to contemporary.  Our 8:00 service is from Rite I, the traditional order of service in the Episcopal Church. This service is more contemplative, features minimal music, and  focuses predominately on corporate prayer. At 10:30, our service comes from Rite II, the more modern version of Episcopal liturgy.  This service features a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary worship anthems. Children are welcome at both services! However, contributions to our worship by our children and youth  are more often showcased at the 10:30 service. All special combined services begin at 9:30 am and feature Rite II liturgy. Check our calendar for those dates!

You can listen to audio recordings of sermons from St. Barnabas on SoundCloud, and see videos and live-streamed services on our Facebook page.

Does St. Barnabas have a dress code?

St. Barnabas has no dress code. Some parishioners may choose to dress up for holidays, but ultimately, whatever you wear, you are welcome.

How do I get to St. Barnabas?

We are located on the south side of Butterfield Rd. between Route 53 and Park Blvd


Where do I park?

We have one large parking lot behind our building, which features plentiful visitor and handicap parking spaces.

Is the church handicap accessible?

Yes. Our parking lot has designated handicap parking spaces with easy access to the church building. The ramp up to the front doors lead to an elevator to the left, which provides access to all floors. 

Where will my children be?

Children are encouraged to attend with their families! Prior to services, there are child and youth formation programs which begin at 9:30 am. Check in with our children and youth ministries director, Angela D'Onofrio, and she will direct you to the appropriate classroom. For ideas on how to involve your child in the service, visit our worship page. We also have a nursery next to our sanctuary that is outfitted to handle all of your infant/young child needs during your time here.

How will I know what to do in the service?

In the Episcopal Church, all of our worship is taken from The Book of Common Prayer. There are BCPs in every pew in church, along with The Hymnal 1982. Your worship bulletin will  contain the entire service and direct you to page and hymn numbers in The Hymnal 1982, as well as provide helpful notes in the margins to help you understand unfamiliar gestures and traditions. We get it! It's a lot! Please feel free to ask our rector or deacons should you have any questions!

Am I required to give money at worship?

There is no monetary requirement to worship at St. Barnabas. However, most people find that as they move into a deeper relationship with God and become more involved in ministry and community, giving becomes a very natural step in their Christian lives. We welcome you to discern that at your own pace, and in what increments are wise for your budget.

Can I take communion? How does it work?

All baptized Christians of any denomination or tradition are welcome to receive Holy Communion at St. Barnabas, children included. When your pew is released by the usher, walk forward to the altar. You will be directed to come forward to receive the elements. To receive the bread, place your right hand over your left, palms up, so that the priest may put a portion of bread in your palm. If you are going to drink from the chalice, you may consume the bread immediately. If you do not wish to drink from the chalice, the chalice bearer will intinct (dip) your bread in the wine and place it on your tongue, or you may intinct it yourself. It is helpful if you place your hand on the bottom of the chalice and help the chalice bearer guide it to your mouth. If you do not wish to receive wine at all, simply consume your bread, cross your arms over your chest and return to your seat.

What else happens on Sunday?

Sundays are exciting and busy at St. Barnabas. You may choose to attend Adult Formation, which runs from 9:30-10:15 am. Children go to their Sunday formation program at the same time. St. Barnabas has many parish and volunteer groups that hold meetings on Sundays. Sometimes we’ll have a luncheon or a reception for a special occasion. There are always various sign up sheets on our bulletin board should you be interested in participating in addition to your Sunday worship attendance.

Are the clergy considered ministers, pastors, or priests? How should I address them? Reverend? Father? Mr or Ms?

There are three orders of clergy in The Episcopal Church: deacons, priests, and bishops. Many address our deacons as Deacon followed by their first name. At St. Barnabas, some parishioners use “Father” to address the male priests and "Mother"  to address female priests on staff. The best way to know how to address the priests and deacons at Saint Barnabas is to ask them how they like to be addressed.

Can I meet with a priest?

Of course! All the clergy are listed on the website with their contact information. Our rector, Mthr. Natalie Van Kirk, is available for appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please contact the office (630.469.1394) to schedule.