Worship at St. Barnabas...

On Sundays, we celebrate Rite I (more traditional) at 8:00 AM and Rite II (more contemporary) at 10:30 AM. The schedule does change on occasion where there is only one service at 9:30 AM e.g. Palm Sunday. Please contact our office with questions: office@saint-barnabas.net or (630) 469-1394.

Once you've glimpsed the goodness, beauty, splendor, love, and mercy of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, you are moved to worship with thanksgiving, joy, wonder, and praise. At St. Barnabas we gather on Sundays to do just that. We pray and sing together, hear the scriptures read and expounded together, and celebrate the Eucharist together. In worship, we open our hearts to God that we might be drawn deeper into the heart of God.

Liturgy means the work of the people. The word is a compound of the Greek words laos and ergon, which mean "people" and "work" respectively. Though not originally associated with worship, the Christ is referred to as performing a liturgy in the New Testament. Christ’s life of obedience, death on the cross, and resurrection is the Christian liturgy. It is public work done for the benefit of the people. Our service of worship is a “making present” and participation in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. In worship, we appropriate Christ’s liturgy as our own and are shaped by it. Therefore, we refer to Christian gatherings for worship as liturgies. Like an elaborate folk dance, though it may seem predictable, there is room for personal expression as we “dance” together in the mystery of God. We share this structure with the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the Lutheran Church.

Children in worship at St. Barnabas

Children are always welcome in worship at St. Barnabas. They are our little brothers and sisters in Christ and we take seriously our responsibility to help them grow into a strong, vibrant faith.

  • You will find children’s folders at the main entrance to the church. The folders contain coloring pages that match the gospel reading for the week, crayons, pipe cleaners, and a weekly newsletter that helps families reflect on the gospel for the week. Children are encouraged to bring a folder with them into church.

  • Parents often find that sitting near the front of the church where the children can see helps children pay attention and makes worship more interesting. Please feel free to do what is right for your family.

  • Relax! God put the wiggles in children. We do not expect them to sit perfectly still.

  • As your children reach kindergarten help them find pages in the hymnal, follow along in the bulletin, stand and sit with the rest of the congregation, and say the prayers. Their participation will help them experience worship physically as well as by hearing and thinking.

  • Baptized children are welcome to receive Holy Communion. If you wish to delay your child’s First Communion until he or she is older, that is fine also and we will make arrangements to make their preparation for First Communion a special event.

  • Encouraging your child to bring coins from home, or saving part of their allowance to present as an offering will help to teach them about giving and generosity in the Community of the Lord.

  • If you and your child need a break, feel free to get up and go to the Narthex or the back of the church. We will understand.