In July of 2017 a mission team from St. Barnabas returned to the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  This marked our third visit in the past four years.  We go to live among our Lakota sisters and brothers to listen and learn, to share the love of Christ, and by God’s grace, absorb some of their grief and pain.  During the week we took part in a community meeting sponsored by the tribal suicide prevention group followed by a healing service.  We helped prepare and serve food on soup kitchen day.  We, also, repaired and restored a long crack in the Parish Hall floor at St. John’s in Eagle Butte.  We were overwhelmed by the hospitality, generosity and kindness of the people we came to serve. The dates for the 2018 trip are:  July 6-15.

Interested in joining our team on our mission trip to Cheyenne River, South Dakota? Contact the church office and/or Fr. Bob Trask for more info. and click here to download a participant information form. In the meantime, you can read Fr. Bob's story of how his friendship with Cheyenne River began, and below you can take a peek at some highlights of past trips to St. Peter's and the Cheyenne River Mission.